20160523_072340Sometimes what you have been searching for, praying for, and wondering about has been right in front of you the whole time. Has that ever happened to you? Do you know if it has happened to you? Maybe it’s still right in front of you.

When you desire something you ideally know what it looks like and can identify it out of a crowd. You have a vivid mental picture and reflect on it every so often. Here is how we miss out on stuff we have been hoping for and praying about. We are so fixated on its exact presentation that when it comes in a different colour or shape, we are not able to identify it.

Think about it for a minute. Is the answer to your prayer right in front of you but just in a different box than what you expected? How many times in life do we keep missing out on the gifts that life has to offer simply because it does not appear in the exact form that we have in our mind? How many times do we get frustrated because we feel that things are not working out for us when in actual fact that cannot be further from the truth?

Being open to experience and being flexible is one of the things that comes almost naturally due to hiking in Kenya and beyond. Outdoor activities simply by their nature are unpredictable and cannot be fully appreciated by people who are not able to relax and allow things to unfold as they naturally would. Hiking in a group has taught me to be patient and observant of the changing dynamics. It has taken me a long time, but I have been able to transfer many of these lessons to my life with the effect that I am calmer when faced with unexpected situations. If I am to identify my gifts and blessings it simply means that I need to be patient and more intentional in how I allow information in. Patience with yourself to grow in being intentional will mean that you do not miss out on what is right in front of you. A story is told of Spanish explorers who were dying of thirst simply because they did not take time to taste the waters around them. Moving from the Atlantic sea into the Amazon, they assumed that the water was salty. They were dying off while in the middle of the largest fresh water source.  Hike and learn to see the forest for the trees. For more information on hiking send an email to

Author: mountainslayerskenya

The world is God’s gift to us. To enjoy a gift, you need to unwrap it. Mountain Slayers seeks to unwrap this gift through exploring various destinations in Kenya, East Africa and the world at large. There is no better way to interact with the world than on foot- 'One step at a time' Our tenet as Mountain Slayers- Kenya is; ‘Treasure and nourish relationships’  Relationship with God  Relationship with Self  Relationship with others  Relationship with the environment

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