impactOur hikes take us to numerous destinations and we get to appreciate the diversity that is the human race. I believe that if we were all created the same we would all be working our hardest to exit life, that is, we would literally be bored to death! Thankfully God in His infinite wisdom created all of us different. These differences are the spice of life.

Wherever we go hiking I am intentional about my interaction with the communities that we visit. I ask as many questions about the place, the people who live in that place and the history of the place that we are in. Many times I may not necessarily remember the minute details of the discussions that we have but during the hiking and the conversation that we have, a bond is created and I feel as though I belong to the community.

These interactions help decompress me from the extremely wound up life that I live- in Nairobi. But more than helping me relax and unwind, it also helps me have a deeper appreciation for the things that I complain about on a regular basis. I know that I keep on hampering on about how much I love the outdoors but the question is, ‘Would I completely give up my creature comforts for the outdoors?’ A healthy balance of the two is what I crave. Hiking allows me to feed my craving for the outdoors. Interacting with the communities also helps me understand the things that they appreciate about their lives and highlights the things that I miss out from city living.

I am richer as a person because of the experiences that I have. I do not have a one track mind and I am able to understand that life is not all black and white. The shades of grey are there and those shades are what add colour to our life.

img-20170121-wa0016I agree that not everyone can hike but I believe that everyone has the ability to have meaningful interactions with people who are different from who they are. These interactions make us more tolerant of each other and may also help us find answers to questions that you have been struggling with for a very long time.

I leave you with one challenge, find someone whom you would not ordinarily interact with, and have a meaningful interaction with them. Find out about what their motivations are, their fears and their dreams, share a little bit of yourself with them and see what kind of impact that will have on you.

To find out more about the communities we interact with drop us an email to see how you can be part of the Slayer community.

Author: mountainslayerskenya

The world is God’s gift to us. To enjoy a gift, you need to unwrap it. Mountain Slayers seeks to unwrap this gift through exploring various destinations in Kenya, East Africa and the world at large. There is no better way to interact with the world than on foot- 'One step at a time' Our tenet as Mountain Slayers- Kenya is; ‘Treasure and nourish relationships’  Relationship with God  Relationship with Self  Relationship with others  Relationship with the environment

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